Here is our Services explained!

Brand new, but with some defects

We recently had the pleasure of working on many Ferrari 488 Pista’s. More and more customers choose our company to entrust their cars to us, perform a car detailing and protect their investment with our PPF paint protection film. Unfortunately, even cars like this one, leave the factory with paint defects, often very visible. This is where our work comes into play.

Beginning of the Procedure

In our headquarters in Lugano in Tessin, after washing and decontaminating the car twice (our washing can last 4 hours), we started correcting defects by polishing the car. Before proceeding, however, the thicknesses of the paint were measured in order to have the safety and understand how to go and remove the defects. This stage is crucial. Defects such as light scratches, swirls and holograms are removed by multi-step polishing.

Maintaining the Finish

It starts with a polish and correction pad up to a polish and finishing pad. We can take up to 4 days of work just to remove the defects in the paint. Once the defect correction work is completed, the car is in better condition than when it left the factory. However, this level of finish must be maintained and preserved, and this is where our flagship service comes into play, car protection with self-healing PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Manual film installation

As you can see from the video, this is a manual installation. The film is cut in place according to the car model. This means that we don’t have to disassemble car parts and we don’t have to use cutters directly on the paint. Where possible, the film is wrapped so that the edge is not visible. Of course, all carbon parts have also been protected. The strong point of our film, in addition to giving the car much more shine, is that thanks to the self-healing technology, if the car gets scratched for example during a wash, just leave the car in the sun and the scratch disappears. Here is a scratch test we did on a film we installed.

Protect your Investment

Once finished, the car is fully protected with PPF. At the customer’s discretion, we can also protect the front of the car only. The car at this point will be much easier to clean thanks to the hydrophobic properties of the film. In addition, the film will protect the underlying paint for many years, avoiding repainting operations in the event of damage, which make the car lose value. It is a safe investment, which pays off over time. This type of car is an investment, so you need to protect your investment!