Windshield protective film PPF

Protect your windshield now with our Windshield PPPF. Forget about replacing the windshield, debris and stones will no longer be a problem. Made of polyurethane, a plastic material that effectively resists mechanical stress of various kinds, it allows it to absorb shocks thanks to its elastic property, avoiding damage to the glass.


  • Protection from stones and debris,
  • 99% protection from UV rays,
  • Windshield breakage protection,
  • Hydrophobic properties at high speeds,
  • You will no longer have to replace your windshield.,

Book the Windshield protective film PPF

To book the Windshield protective film PPF at our centre in Ticino (Switzerland), or for more information, you can contact us via the contact form, or by phone on +41 91 967 40 40.